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Commissioned Paintings

I particularly enjoy commissions from persons with cherished old photographs they would like transformed into paintings. Every person has some of these. It may be a favorite photograph of a grandparent or parent whose memory that they cherish. The photos are often faded, poorly cropped or lighted, but that only adds to their charm.

I have also done commissioned paintings of living people, e.g., "The Kern Children". For those, I meet the subjects, take numerous photographs, and work out a composite composition. I prefer not to paint formal portraits of people staring from the canvas.

Most recently I have painted several dog portraits and thoroughly enjoyed doing so. (I am a dog lover - have two of my own.) Included below are several of those portraits. Price varies with size. A 12” X 12” would probably be around $325.

Commissions similar to those on this page range from $375 (small commissioned landscape) to $3500 (larger, multiple persons). The complexity of a painting increases the cost. Commissions from life are more complex than those from photos or vintage photos. For an estimated price on your proposed work, contact me directly.





Furber #1

Furber #2

David's Parents
30" x 32"

Up at the Camp
20" x 36"
Larrys Dad
Larry's Dad
15" x 24"
Mary's Mom
30" x 36"
Mary's Dad
30" x 40"
Watermelon Children
20" x 20"
Childhood Triangle
Kashmiri Childhood
28" x 28"
Family in Cornfield
36" x 48"
The Kern Children
20" x 30"
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