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Vintage Train Paintings

This series combines two strains in my work: a fascination with trains, their geometry, their surfaces, their colors; and the fascination with the mood and atmosphere of old photographs. Many of the latter paintings were inspired by vintage photos of the South Jersey Shore.

This series draws from vintage photos of trains and trolleys from South Jersey and Cape May in particular. The intent is to capture the ethos of a time gone by, melding it with the powerful, iconographic images of trains and train travel. Most of the images were drawn from photos taken by Walt Campbell (now deceased) and others who contributed their their marvelous photos to the prslhs.com website and permitted their download. The site is dedicated to preserving the memory and heritage of the Pennsylvania Reading Seashore Lines.

Horse Cart and Trolleys
24" x 36.5"

Cape May/Delaware Bay Trolley
19.5" x 35"

Last Steam Engine, Washington Street
25.5" x 32"

Lighthouse Trolley, Cape May
24" x 24"

Ocean Street Trolley
23" x 32"

20" x 27.5"

Immigrant Workers
24" x 35.5"

Grant Street Summer Station
23.5" x 28"

Ocean City, 1950s
24" x 35"

Oak Avenue Station, Wildwood
24" x 36"

16" x 36"

24" x 33.5"
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